Overview of all Changes

v1.6.1: 17 Aug 2022

  • Fixed setup throwing error 500 on docker installation

v1.6.0: 17 Aug 2022

  • Use chunked uploads instead of single upload #68

  • Add end-to-end encryption #71

  • Fixed hotlink not being generated for uploads through API with unlimited storage time

  • Added arm64 to Docker latest image

  • Added API call to duplicate existing files

  • Fixed bug where encrypted files could not be downloaded after rerunning setup

  • Port selection is now disabled when running setup with docker

  • Added timeout for AWS if endpoint is invalid

  • Added flag to disable CORS check on startup

  • Service worker for insecure connections is now hosted on Github

  • “Noaws” version is not included as binary build anymore, but can be generated manually

v1.5.2: 08 Jun 2022

  • Added ARMv8 (ARM64) to Docker image

  • Added option to always store images locally in order to support hotlink for encrypted files

  • Fixed crash when remote files exist but system was changed to local files after running –reconfigure

  • Added warning if incorrect CORS setting are set for AWS bucket

  • Added button in setup to test AWS credentials

  • Added more build infos to –version output

  • Added download counter

  • Added flags for port, config and data location, better flag usage overview

  • Fixed that a file was reuploaded to AWS, even if it already existed

  • Fixed error image for hotlinks not displaying if nosniff is enforced

  • Fixed that two text files were created when pasting text

  • Fixed docker image in documentation @emanuelduss

v1.5.1: 10 Mar 2022

  • Fixed that selection of remote storage was not available during intitial setup

  • Fixed that “bind to localhost” could be selected on docker image during initial setup

  • Fixed that with Level 1 encryption remote files were encrypted as well

  • If Gokapi is hosted under a https URL, the serviceworker for remote decryption is now included, which fixes that Firefox users with restrictive settings could not download encrypted files from remote storage

  • Design improvements by @mraif13

v1.5.0: 08 Mar 2022

  • Minimum version for upgrading is 1.3

  • Encryption support for local and remote files

  • Additional authentication methods: Header-Auth, OIDC and Reverse Proxy

  • Option to allow unlimited downloads of files

  • The configuration file has been partly replaced with a database. After the first start, the configuration file may be read-only

  • A web-based setup instead of command line

v1.3.1: 03 Jul 2021

  • Default upload limit is now 100GB and can be changed with environment variables on first start

  • Fixed upload not working when using suburl on webserver for Gokapi

  • Added log file

  • Minor performance increase

v1.3.0: 17 May 2021

  • Added cloudstorage support (AWS S3 / Backblaze B2)

  • After changing password, all sessions will be logged out

  • Fixed terminal input on Windows

  • Added SSL support

  • Documentation now hosted on ReadTheDocs

v1.2.0: 07 May 2021

  • Fixed Docker images

  • Added API

  • Added header to prevent caching by browser / proxy

  • Fixed upload timeout

  • Added timeouts for server

  • Added header to show download progress

  • Prevent data races

  • Cleanup routine does not delete files anymore while they are being downloaded

  • Fixed that env LENGTH_ID was being ignored

  • Show message if docker container is run on initial setup without -it

  • A lot of refactoring and minor improvements / bug fixes

v1.1.3: 07 Apr 2021

  • Fixed bug where salts were not used anymore for password hashing

  • Added hotlinking for image files

  • Added logout button

v1.1.2: 03 Apr 2021

  • Added support for env variables, major refactoring

  • Configurations like length of the ID or salts can be changed with env variables now

  • Fixed minor bugs, minor enhancements

v1.1.0: 18 Mar 2021

  • Added option to password protect uploads

  • Added ability to paste images into admin upload

v1.0.1: 12 Mar 2021

  • Increased security of generated download IDs

v1.0: 12 Mar 2021

  • First stable release of the program


Upgrading to 1.5

  • You need to update to Gokapi 1.3 before updating to Gokapi 1.5

  • After the upgrade the config file can be read-only

  • Initial setup has to be done through a web interface now, setting Gokapi up through env variables is not possible anymore

  • If you would like to use new features like a different authentication method, please run Gokapi with the paramter --reconfigure to open the setup

  • If you set the length of the file ID to 80 or more, you need to delete all files before running this update

Upgrading to 1.3

  • If you would like to use native SSL, please pass the environment variable GOKAPI_USE_SSL on first start after the update or manually edit the configuration file

  • AWS S3 and Backblaze B2 can now be used instead of local storage! Please refer to the documentation on how to set it up.